Tax Preparation & Planning

Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

We know that tax laws, tax forms, and IRS reporting requirements can be extremely complex. As your personal assets expand and your estate grows, the difficulty and risks of falling out of compliance with these laws and requirements grows exponentially. By hiring People’s Tax Services as your tax preparer, you will have access to year-round answers to your questions, guidance, tax plans, and resolutions to any tax problems.

We handle state and federal tax preparation and utilize eFiling. By not utilizing a tax professional, you may be costing yourself money. We can help you avoid these mistakes while maximizing your money. Don’t lose out on tax savings on your tips, gambling winnings, or self-employment earnings.


Tax Return Preparation and Tax Planning Services in Macomb County, MI

Filing on-time is the best way to avoid tax issues, along with complete and accurate tax returns. We take that approach at People’s Tax Services and take every stop to accomplish that goal.

We make every effort to avoid the need to file tax extensions delaying the preparation of the return and prioritize finishing the return when others would just file an extension and prepare the return later.

If an extension can’t be avoided, we work with you to create an accurate estimate of taxes owed so you can pay on time and help avoid any interest and penalties.

If you are starting a new company or venture, we work with you to ensure you file all forms and statements correctly with the State of Michigan and the IRS.

If you have a change in employment, we will help ensure that everything is correct with your tax situation.

We can work with you regarding any tax implications from your retirement distributions and investments in stocks and bonds.


Personal Tax Services in Southeast Michigan

We are full-time service providers, not just seasonal tax return preparers. That means we’ll be there when you need us! Contact us today to discuss how People’s Tax Services can help you meet IRS compliance requirements, minimize tax payments, and accomplish your tax goals.

Tax planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability to all government agencies. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. Afterall, you earned that money!

Taxpayers benefit from using a professional tax preparer far more than attempting to plan, prepare, and file their own taxes. Let us show you why.